Covid-19 Situation Update

Covid Update 2020-04-24
All National Sweden plants are still open – but with some differences.

At National Halmstad we have reduced our office workdays according to the following:

Mon – Thu: 09:00 – 12:00 | 13:00 -15:00 Fri: 08:00 – 12:00

Production is still running at a fair level and we are eager to fill up the gaps created by the current situation in the automotive industry. During this period we try to help develop protective materials for medical personnel.

National Högsäter will increase the workdays to Tuesday - Thursday from 11/5.

National Bredaryd is running without disturbances. We have also noticed an increased need from customers in the medical segment and we are working hard to meet this demand.

Several of our customers in the automotive sector are now opening up, but the ramp up is very slow to check if all systems are OK.

Our complete supply chain is operational.


National Sweden erbjuder fria ritningsunderlag

Vi har i skrivande stund inlett en produktion på ca 100.000 skyddsrockar till vården. Vi har fler projekt på gång, men just nu önskar vi att fler företag hjälper till att täcka vårdens stora behov av skyddskläder. Därför har vi tagit det lite ovanliga men i dagsläget enda riktiga beslutet att göra vår tillverkningsprocess som en ”open source”. Vi delar alltså med oss av den design som är godkänd av Region Halland, så att fler tillverkare än National Sweden kan hjälpa till med att möta behovet. Pdf och materialanvisning finns tillgängliga nedan för nedladdning. Har ni frågor eller behöver kompletterande information och hjälp hänvisar vi till Zakarias Gagner, teknisk chef på National Sweden. På begäran skickar vi DWG-filer och DXF-filer. Skynda på, vården behöver er hjälp. Nu.

Ladda ner Tillverkningsunderlag för skyddsförkläde


National Sweden launches bio-based EPDM

National Sweden has developed a new bio-based rubber material, which can replace the EPDM materials currently used in many industries in Europe and the rest of the world.

Bio-based raw materials are fossil-free, which creates enormous opportunities for the future while providing positive environmental effects throughout the manufacturing industry. “Yes, in this way we give the entire manufacturing industry the opportunity to meet new environmental requirements while helping our customers meet their own high environmental goals,” says Alma Begeta, Material Manager at National.

Eco EPDM, which National calls the material, has been tested and evaluated with very good physical properties. The work of testing, improving and reducing the oil-based ingredients has taken about 3 years, but now there is the market and the material has the potential to really create sustainability in the rubber industry. It also has documented properties for being in contact with food, which opens up for a further type of use.

"We at National are constantly striving and working to replace environmentally hazardous and fossil raw materials," says Alma Begeta. We want to be the example of managing our finite resources, such as naphtha / crude oil. Eco EPDM is a good example of this work, environmental awareness is high on the company and she wishes it to be so throughout the industry.

- Of course, not everyone has the same resources as we have here at National, Alma admits, but we are open to collaborations. For example, we have continuous collaborations with other major material suppliers and we let them environmental test their materials with us.

- We at National do not think it is sustainable to use ingredients that come from recycled rubber products in the production process. We see that the risk is high that these contain substances, which we have long since phased out of our business for environmental and health reasons.

- We do not want to risk returning ingredients that are not desirable in our processes, we do not think this is a sustainable alternative for the environment and staff health but would rather see that renewable raw materials are used, concludes Alma.

ECO EPDM compared to regular EPDM
ECO EPDM consists of only 25-55% of crude oil based substances.
Ordinary EPDM consists of 85-95% of crude oil based substances.


National and Polestar makes 1:st class Sound pack.

National Sweden in Halmstad, together with Polestar and TATA Technologies, have developed a Sound Pack with outstanding performance for Polestar 1. In March, a workshop took place in our facilities in Halmstad, where we, together with TATA Technologies and Polestar, conducted several exercises, which resulted in a number of iterations with the purpose of getting a top class Sound Pack. We will continue to be a partner in the project and we are of course very grateful for the trust and the developing spirit that surrounds the project! The environmental aspect of the work is of course in focus and all materials chosen are of recycled PET bottles. Design and sustainability - at it's best!


Exciting project with design students

Old textiles and clothing have become a completely new material, with the help of National Sweden and creative furniture design students. National Högsäter and furniture designs Anna Roth and Joel Stenabb from HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts and Loop Factory are among the first in the country to design with a new type of textile fiber material - the result was shown at Möbelmässan in Stockholm earlier in February. Fun project and one of many exciting steps towards sustainability.

See more about this on Youtube


Work with us at National Halmstad


The industrial group National Sweden is growing and is looking for an office based salesperson for National Halmstad, subcontractor of rubber and plastic articles.

You will conduct sales of National's wellknown products to several market-leading manufacturing companies in Sweden. Our customers are in the construction sector, the automotive industry and the energy sector, to name some. You will have a great focus on developing contact with our existing customers and together with our support and sales team you are responsible for ensuring that customers receive first-class service and guidance.

Your profile
* You have at least 3 years experience in sales / support. It is an advantage if you have worked in our type of industry.

* You have business focus, are trustworthy and good at creating long-term relationships with both customers and colleagues.

* You have good knowledge of Microsoft Office, is communicative and expresses you well in speech and writing in both Swedish and English.

* It is an advantage if you have worked in the business system Dynamics

We offer
National Halmstad, which is part of National Sweden, is facing an exciting and expansive phase and is seeking you who want to participate and influence the company's continued growth. You will have an important role in an organization that is characterized by short decision paths. If you like to practice we have both our own paddle track, gym and sports hall, where we offer all our 190 employees regular workouts!

If you recognize yourself in the above and think that this sounds like an interesting challenge, you are warmly welcome with your application.

We are happy to see female applicants for this service.

The service is a full-time job with the possibility of flex time:

Access promptly!

Contact person HR manager Jenny Rössel,
Phone: 035-182856
Mail: jer@nationalsweden.se


Sustainable production in Högsäter

Growing volumes of plastic and textile waste is a major environmental problem that needs to be solved through the development of recycling processes. A new research project focusing on recycling plastic packaging of polyethylene terephthalate, PET, and polyester textile waste will contribute to the development of utilizing the material instead of sending it to incineration.

National Högsäter together with RISE IVF and 12 other partners in a group runs the project "Chemically recycled PET and polyester as raw material for additive and new polymer" funded by the RE:Source research program. The project develops a process to chemically break down the plastic and textile into original building blocks, which can then be used to produce new polymer for PET, polyester or synthesize environmentally friendly plasticizers to PVC.

The challenges in the project are, among others, to take care of contaminations such as glue, labels, dyes and foreign polymers that come with the "raw materials" and to close the loop for the use of solvents in the process. Recycled PET packaging and polyester textiles will be used to produce new plastic and fiber and the properties will be evaluated This is important and crucial for the new material to be used for the manufacture of new products.

Feel free to contact Ulf Karlsson at National Högsäter for further details about the project!


National Bredaryd is looking for employees!

National Bredaryd is building a new factory and looking for more co-workers. Next summer we are moving into our new-build factory but we need more employees already now. We work with extrusion of profiles and hose in plastic. We are looking for a handy person for extrusion and an operator for work in clean rooms with tasks such as assembly and process monitoring. As a person you are careful about details and do enjoy teamwork. Apply at www.junic.se/en/lediga-tjanster Welcome with your application!


National Halmstad sponsors solar-powered cars!

National Halmstad sponsors one of the world's most innovative and environmentally friendly vehicles! HUST (Halmstad University Solar Team) will participate in The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. It is the world’s biggest solar-powered car race. It started in 1987 and takes place every other year. In the competition, teams of students from universities all over the world are going to drive 3022 kilometers from the north to the south of Australia – from Darwin to Adelaide.

National Halmstad, a well-known supplier of rubber and plastic components for the automotive industry, will provide the HUST team with components for the car and be a speaking partner in engineering challenges along the developing phases.

"It's very fun for National to be able to contribute to Halmstad's development car, and the project follows the environmental value base that we build our business on,” says Tom Rössel, Group CEO at National Sweden. The race will start in October 2019 in Darwin, north Australia.

We wish the project and the team at HUST all the best! And please, you can also become a sponsor and give the team a helping hand!


New CEO at National Högsäter!

Einari Johansson resign as CEO of National Högsäter on December 1, 2018. Einari is one of the founders of the Jaba Group (current National Högsäter). He has with great skill and great competence developed the business to the successful company it is today. To his successor, Kenneth Larsson is appointed. Kenneth comes recently from Emballator Mellerud Plast where he was the factory manager. "In my leadership, I will utilize the broad and extensive experience in National Högsäter, but I will also challenge processes and methods to further develop the company," says Kenneth. National Högsäter has been and is a documented respected manufacturer of molded polyester and textile fibers for both the automotive and furniture industry, and I want to manage and develop that further. There is a lovely setting that I can see here in Högsäter, says Kenneth. We do not take anything for granted but instead delivering on the basis of the conditions available. We wish Kenneth great luck and also thank Einari for an amazingly good leadership for all years he has been active in the company!


Thanks to all Elmia visitors

National Sweden rounds off Elmia and thank all visitors for 4 exciting days. All our production facilities in Halmstad, Högsäter and Bredaryd showed what they can produce. We have shown everything from our smallest gaskets to the automotive industry, our lamps and chairs to the furniture industry and our various products to the pharmaceutical industry. It is an impressive width / edge we do offer within National Sweden. Fun! And thanks again for showing up.  


Good times for National Högsäter!

The production unit in Högsäter has since this summer recruited about 10 new employees. Close customer collaboration and new projects are the background to the large recruitment. "Extremely pleased that we are given the opportunity to hire more talented employees for our exciting projects," says Einari Johansson, CEO of National Högsäter. We can see increasing interest in polyester production segment, which is entirely in line with our plan. It is one of our focus areas and the recruitments are a receipt of our efforts.


Visit us at Elmia Subcontractor

Meet the team that will represent National Sweden at Elmia Subcontractor 2018! Click to watch the teaser


Summer and holiday time at National Sweden!

Spring has been extremely eventful and positive for the entire group. Now we need some vacation before we finish this year. All production units have more and bigger projects than ever, which feels hugely stimulating and fun. We thank all employees, customers and suppliers for a nice spring. See you again after the summer.

National Halmstad is closed between 16 July and 6 August

National Bredaryd is closed between 16 July and 6 August

National Högsäter is closed between 23 July and 6 August (partially closed 16 July to 22 July and 6 August to 12 August.

Please email your contact person if urgent!

Hope you all have a very pleasant vacation!


National Bredaryd invests in new Cleanroom.

National Bredaryd has expanded its capacity for customer support within the Medical segment. In our new Cleanroom, we will be even better at meeting our clients' assignments that include extrusion, assembly, labeling and final packaging. The run-in time has shown very good results and we are in full production since a couple of month. The investment has been implemented because of the increased demand, which is very pleasing!


National Halmstad improves Viskan's spa bath!

Together with Viskan's Spa and CE Produkter, National Halmstad has developed a unique polyester fiber insulation solution that will handle the Scandinavian climate. Moreover, the material developed is tested and developed in Nationals sound lab to meet the requirements for better sound absorption. The material absorbs the sound of the pumps, resulting in a better customer experience. Viskan Spa is Sweden's only spa bath manufacturer. They know what it takes to meet the Swedish climate conditions. In Sweden, it can differ over 50° C between winter and summer. The large temperature difference along with wind and moisture conditions means that more efficient insulation materials are required in the Swedish market than most others. –The combination of thermal insulation and sound absorption in the material actually lacks the opposite of the market," says Johan Eriksson at Viskans Spa. We call the material Pro-Silence Insulation, which is exactly what it is. –In addition to the good thermal and sound absorbing properties, the material consists of recycled fibers, which feels really good from an environmental and sustainability perspective”, says Joakim Eliasson on CE Produkter. The cooperation between us at NationaI Halmstad, CE Produkter in Unnaryd and Viskan's Spa in Skene has worked out really well and we already focus to refine and further develop the products, says Per Gunnarsson from National Halmstad. It's really exciting for us to further develop an already great product, and with CE Produkter we see a great potential for similar products in the future, concludes Per Gunnarson from National Halmstad. Learn more at https://www.viskanspa.se/2018/03/28/isolerar-och-absorberar/


Say hello to National Sweden!

As previously announced, the companies National Gummi AB, DX Plastic AB and Jaba Group AB have changed their naming structure. The companies are owned by Holding Company National Sweden Holding. The new company names will be National Högsäter Performance Polymers AB (former Jaba Group AB), National Bredaryd Performance Polymers AB (former DX Plastic AB), National Halmstad Performance Polymers AB (former National Gummi AB).

Until June 1, 2018, the previous company names will also be used and communicated to make the transition as smooth as possible. For customers and suppliers, please retain the previous company names in your business systems until June 1, 2018. The company registration numbers for each company are the same as previous. 

All of these three companies have a fantastic history and solid skills in the polymer manufacturing industry, which together make us a unique player within and outside Sweden. We are convinced that the new name structure will make the business group stronger in a longer perspective and will benefit both customers, suppliers and partners.


Welcome to our new site

Welcome to the new site for National Sweden. We have seen the need to present ourselves in a single way in order to show our overall offer, in a better way. We are excited about our new site and look forward to improve it continuously to meet our customers and our own development. So, friends and customers, welcome to our new site!


National develops organic EPDM

National lab has developed a new bio-based material that can replace EPDM materials today used in many industries in Europe and the rest of the world.

Eco EPDM, as we call it, has been tested and evaluated with very good physical properties. The material represents a big victory for the environment, but also a chance for customers to achieve their high environmental requirements.

Product benefits

National ECO EPDM 60 Shore
25-30% ingredients based on crude oil (Polymer, Softener (Oil), Filler - carbon black)

Common EPDM 60 Shore
80-95% ingredients based on crude oil (Polymer, Softener (Oil), Filler - carbon black)

Other ingredients in the prescription as processing aids, vulcanizers, etc. are equivalent in typical EPDM 60° and ECO EPDM 60°